Black Box

Flight recorders (colloquially known as black boxes) are recording devices carried on board larger aircrafts (planes or helicopters) that store relevant flight data and aircraft parameters as well as acoustic information during a flight.

Celebration of 20 Years of "Kunst- und Kulturverein Alte Schule Baruth".
A review of all exhibitions since 1998.
With picnic in the parc, music and tango dance.

There was a rear projection from two sides in the long cube,
with a "slide show" of about 2500 Photographs.
In the small pavilions, various projects were shown as a film.

Music: TANGOPLANET Maxim Schagaev & Petra Liesenfeld

Idea, Design and Production BLACK BOX: Nora Fuchs

in collaboration with:
Birgit Hampel / Susanne Rosin / Katharina Schicke /
Heinrich Weid / Ovis Wende / Ralf Wollheim

Baruth, Juli 2017.