"Have you just stolen an inflatable pool animal?". Berlin, 2019 / 2020


Art appropriation as a participatory experiment
Won art competition Aktion Leere Sockel.
Senate Department for Culture and Europe / District Office Treptow-Köpenick.

Actors: residents, inflatable pool animals, artist.

Next to the empty pedestal of the stolen sculpture by Gertrudrun Classen "DER SCHWIMMER" (The Swimmer) there was a metal cage filled with colourful inflatable pool animals from December 13, 2019.

Have you just stolen an inflatable pool animal? The contents courage covetousness. Each week, the contents slowly dwindled fast. All the flatable pool animals were marked with an art theft sticker that directs the thief to an online blog www.schwimmtieralarm.de. This informed people about the theft of the sculpture THE SWIMMER and followed the project: the dwindling of the inflatable pool animals, observations of the neighbourhood, comments, the refilling or replacement animals as a gift. Gifts or art theft?

Photographs: Nora Fuchs / Mike Dean / Residents